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Matthew Quirk

Matthew Quirk

Matthew Quirk bor i Washington DC. Han har studert historie og litteratur ved Harvard College. Etter avsluttende eksamen begynte han i tidsskriftet The Atlantic, der han i fem år rapporterte om en rekke temaer, deriblant kriminalitet, private selskaper med kontrakter for militæret, opiumshandel, straffeforfølgning av terrorister, og internasjonale bander.

De fem hundre er hans første roman, og den er nå i ferd med å bli filmatisert.

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  • 17.04.2017 19:28:24 Matthew Quirk
    You never know who you'll run into @poisonedpen. Philip Kerr joined us for the Dead Man Switch talk. Great surprise…

  • 17.04.2017 19:16:16 Matthew Quirk
    RT @LesaHolstine: Enjoy photos of Matthew Quirk's appearance @poisonedpen, on book tour for Dead Man Switch. https:…

  • 17.04.2017 03:42:12 Matthew Quirk
    RT @marcambinder: If you're interested in doomsday plans, @GarrettGraff's upcoming Raven Rock is absolutely the definitive history. https:…

  • 14.04.2017 17:36:33 Matthew Quirk
    RT @mulhollandbooks: SoCal you have the best weekend plans of all, because you can go see @mquirk tomorrow @BookCarnival:…

  • 13.04.2017 14:33:58 Matthew Quirk
    RT @mulhollandbooks: On using a writing atlas, then getting lost in the maps, aka an essay by @mquirk that every writer should read: https:…

  • 12.04.2017 13:04:27 Matthew Quirk
    Chatting about Dead Man Switch and doing my Houdini bit on live TV: @KCLiveTV

  • 11.04.2017 01:35:59 Matthew Quirk
    RT @TinaLikesBooks: That time author @mquirk showed us all how to bust out of handcuffs

  • 11.04.2017 01:34:26 Matthew Quirk
    RT @MarianLiberryan: Thanks @mulhollandbooks @mquirk teaching @KCLibrary patrons a new trade! #lockpicking #readadv

  • 11.04.2017 01:33:40 Matthew Quirk
    RT @TinaLikesBooks: And now @mquirk shows crowd at @KCLibrary how to break out of duct tape!! He's like Houdini!

  • 10.04.2017 21:27:26 Matthew Quirk
    RT @poisonedpen: Join us this Thursday at 7 PM to meet @mquirk! He'll be talking and signing DEAD MAN SWITCH.

  • 10.04.2017 21:16:48 Matthew Quirk
    RT @mulhollandbooks: .@TorontoStar compares @mquirk’s new novel, DEAD MAN SWITCH, to @SHO_Homeland:

  • 10.04.2017 16:49:38 Matthew Quirk
    RT @mulhollandbooks: Tonight in Kansas City! @mquirk discusses his thriller DEAD MAN SWITCH @KCLibrary in conjunction w/@RainyDayBooks: htt…

  • 10.04.2017 15:19:24 Matthew Quirk
    My favorite stop on tour: catching up with everyone in my hometown.

  • 08.04.2017 16:05:56 Matthew Quirk
    RT @Duells06: @mquirk will be at the @poisonedpen April 13!

  • 07.04.2017 15:04:09 Matthew Quirk
    RT @mulhollandbooks: Tomorrow in Jersey! @mquirk @BNBuzz

  • 06.04.2017 16:18:34 Matthew Quirk
    RT @BNHolmdel: Excited to have @mquirk here this Saturday! If you haven't read it #deadmanswitch is a must have thriller for Spring Break @…

  • 06.04.2017 15:50:44 Matthew Quirk
    Catching up on tour with @JennieGritz at the Smithsonian. Everyone's office should have a "Castle Garden."

  • 06.04.2017 15:18:39 Matthew Quirk
    RT @justonemorepage: thriller author @mquirk is teaching us how to escape if we're abducted &tied up w/ duct tape. so, you know, just anoth…


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