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Lisa Genova

Lisa Genova

Lisa Genova har skrevet flere bestselgende romaner med temaer som berører faget hennes, nevrovitenskap, som hun har en PhD i fra Harvard University.

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  • 23.04.2017 20:48:11 LisaGenova
    Rehearsing today for my TED talk! #ted #soexcited

  • 21.04.2017 18:51:41 LisaGenova
    RT @MassGeneralNews: More than 600 #MGH community members have registered for tomorrow's #MarchforScienceBoston

  • 20.04.2017 16:55:32 LisaGenova
    RT @alzassociation: Our blog ( was named a Best Alzheimer's Disease Blog of 2017 by @Healthline!…

  • 20.04.2017 16:54:53 LisaGenova
    RT @MGH_RI: 2 days until the #MarchforScienceBoston! RT to help spread the word. #MarchforScience #MGH

  • 19.04.2017 17:12:23 LisaGenova
    RT @SeatingMatters: @HDAwareness Changing lives for people with #Huntingtonsdisease keeping them safe. Read Anne Marie's story…

  • 18.04.2017 18:23:30 LisaGenova
    RT @AutismONT: What a beautifully written piece about connecting #ASD and @sesamestreet

  • 17.04.2017 13:31:04 LisaGenova
    So excited for next week! #TED2017

  • 13.04.2017 20:59:48 LisaGenova
    RT @GalleryBooks: Enter for a chance to win a copy of @LisaGenova's LOVE ANTHONY on @goodreads in honor of #AutismAwarenessMonth! https://…

  • 12.04.2017 19:44:48 LisaGenova
    RT @mariashriver: You can watch my conversation with @patti_davis on caregiving support groups now. WATCH:

  • 11.04.2017 15:00:58 LisaGenova
    RT @alzcolorado: Marcia Gay Harden recalls the moment that 'broke my heart' during her mother's Alzheimer's struggle:…

  • 10.04.2017 20:24:53 LisaGenova
    RT @autismspeaks: Julia, the first @sesamestreet muppet with #autism, is here! Did you watch yet? Here's a preview:…

  • 08.04.2017 20:14:30 LisaGenova
    RT @thefeather: Lisa Genova educates Fresno audience during SJV Town Hall : @LisaGenova @SJVTownHall

  • 07.04.2017 20:29:34 LisaGenova
    RT @ALSKnights: Thank you💙💚 @JohnDennisWEEI @LisaGenova @ItsLennyClarke @caseysherman123 @churleycomedy @JoeListComedy @MassGovernor @Peter…

  • 07.04.2017 16:59:26 LisaGenova
    RT @alzassociation: #TheLongestDay is all about love. Love for all those affected by Alzheimer's disease. Start a team today:…

  • 07.04.2017 16:55:10 LisaGenova
    An inspiring night for an extraordinary cause. Honored to be there @ALSKnights

  • 06.04.2017 15:44:14 LisaGenova
    RT @caseysherman123: Big night in Boston as we shine the light on the epic battle against ALS @TeamFrateTrain @UPNEBooks…

  • 05.04.2017 16:29:00 LisaGenova
    RT @GalleryBooks: Enter for a chance to win a copy of LOVE ANTHONY on @goodreads! @LisaGenova #autismawareness http…

  • 05.04.2017 14:01:39 LisaGenova
    RT @BookBub: 44 Books That Will Break Your Heart incl. @johngreen @ahoffmanwriter @NicholasSparks @jodipicoult @Lis…

  • 05.04.2017 13:59:01 LisaGenova
    RT @playfresno: The San Joaquin Valley Town Hall welcomes @LisaGenova ; NYT best selling author/speaker tomorrow at the @SaroyanTheatre! #V…


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