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Laurie  Frankel

Laurie Frankel

Laurie Frankel romandebuterte i 2010 med "The Atlas of Love".

"Vi snakkes", som utkom i 2012 i USA, er Frankels andre roman og satte henne for alvor på det litterære verdenskartet. Boken er solgt til 27 land, og filmrettighetene er kjøpt av Summit, selskapet bak Twilight og Divergent.

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  • 09.12.2016 17:45:58 Laurie Frankel
    Thanks @TheWeeklings for clarifying some things I didn't get re: legality of conflicts of interest. Important.

  • 09.12.2016 07:22:17 Laurie Frankel
    Up late writing. That sure school will be cancelled tomorrow. #snowday #amwriting instead of sleeping. #mustwork

  • 09.12.2016 06:39:49 Laurie Frankel
    Snow. Snow. Backyard hot tubbing. Dog freaking out. Snow. Snow. Seattle snow is weird. But lovely. #nevergettingoffmyhill

  • 06.12.2016 21:42:12 Laurie Frankel
    Ooooh, me too, SO excited!!

  • 06.12.2016 17:02:38 Laurie Frankel
    Every time I type popped, I accidentally type pooped. Also apt. Smart, important Pooped Culture from @TheWeeklings

  • 06.12.2016 15:47:50 Laurie Frankel
    Who thinks I can do Xmas and Hanukkah, launch a new novel, and knit a dozen pussyhats before mid January? Anyone?

  • 05.12.2016 16:43:20 Laurie Frankel
    Dateline: Seattle, 5 Dec, 8:16AM. Sun FINALLY rises to reveal that actually it's snowing.

  • 05.12.2016 00:17:29 Laurie Frankel
    Some good news...

  • 03.12.2016 16:24:44 Laurie Frankel
    The terrifying, brilliant, and sadly correct, @ClaireDederer, bringing it. @StylistMagazine

  • 01.12.2016 15:46:30 Laurie Frankel
    Transplay(s)! I love it. What other new plays can we make just by changing the casting of old ones? Um, all of them.

  • 01.12.2016 00:13:02 Laurie Frankel
    My 8 yr old: "You always need conflict in a story otherwise it's no fun." Truer words were never spoken. #amwriting w/ my daughter

  • 30.11.2016 19:45:16 Laurie Frankel
    Best. Writing conference. Ever. Be an early bird!

  • 30.11.2016 17:08:01 Laurie Frankel
    Sweet lovely trailer for my out-breaktakingly-soon novel THIS IS HOW IT ALWAYS IS @Flatironbooks #ThisIsClaude


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