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Laurie  Frankel

Laurie Frankel

Laurie Frankel romandebuterte i 2010 med "The Atlas of Love".

"Vi snakkes", som utkom i 2012 i USA, er Frankels andre roman og satte henne for alvor på det litterære verdenskartet. Boken er solgt til 27 land, og filmrettighetene er kjøpt av Summit, selskapet bak Twilight og Divergent.

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  • 21.01.2017 23:48:40 Laurie Frankel
    Have marched. Have cried. Am ready to go. #WomensMarch #SeattleWomxnsMarch

  • 20.01.2017 17:24:41 Laurie Frankel
    RT @OneNabi: Just asked who onboard this @AmericanAir flight was headed to the #WomensMarchOnWashington. Almost all the passengers. https:/…

  • 20.01.2017 16:54:37 Laurie Frankel
    .@TheStranger thinks my book is cool. I have arrived.

  • 20.01.2017 15:45:14 Laurie Frankel
    I can't even. And yet I must. I am. We are.

  • 19.01.2017 23:45:47 Laurie Frankel

  • 19.01.2017 22:11:04 Laurie Frankel
    RT @transadvocate: New Estimates Show that 150,000 Youth Ages 13 to 17 Identify as Transgender in the US

  • 19.01.2017 16:58:48 Laurie Frankel
    Agreed. Really lovely, perfect review.

  • 18.01.2017 19:57:28 Laurie Frankel
    Genius @lithub on indie bookstores: as the very product we sell teaches us, humans are awful and not to be trusted

  • 18.01.2017 15:08:26 Laurie Frankel
    Sushi tree! You have me seeing cherry blossoms everywhere, @headlinepg. #thisisclaude

  • 18.01.2017 14:02:11 Laurie Frankel
    Another nice thing about living in Seattle: when you can't sleep, the rest of the world is already up and on twitter.

  • 17.01.2017 18:27:43 Laurie Frankel
    I love grans! And this giveaway! And this bookclub!

  • 17.01.2017 18:24:55 Laurie Frankel
    I guess that explains the heart palpitations!

  • 16.01.2017 16:13:10 Laurie Frankel
    Reading is requisite. This is nonnegotiable. For kids. For writers. For seekers of humanity. And for sure for commanders in chief.


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