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Kim Fay

Kim Fay

Kim Fay er fra Seattle i USA og er godt kjent i landene som tidligere utgjorde Indokina; hun har blant annet bodd i Vietnam i fire år.

Hun har bakgrunn som bokhandler og er forfatter av en prisvinnende vietnamesisk kokebok. Hun har også redigert en rekke reiseguider til Asia. Den tapte historien er hennes første roman og ble nominert til den prestisjetunge amerikanske Edgar Award for beste debutroman.

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  • 27.02.2017 20:15:47 Kim Fay
    Ha! You just made me laugh out loud. Thank you!

  • 27.02.2017 18:33:03 Kim Fay

  • 27.02.2017 18:23:20 Kim Fay
    Agree, agree and agree!

  • 27.02.2017 18:22:38 Kim Fay
    This is unacceptable!!!!!!!!! (+ 10,000 more exclamation marks)

  • 27.02.2017 18:21:08 Kim Fay
    Thank you @Twitter for solving The Mystery of the Crazy Retweeting Hacker!!!

  • 26.02.2017 19:55:57 Kim Fay
    Yes, I know there are WEIRD retweets on my page - I've been hacked. I need to leave the retweets there for now so Twitter can investigate :)

  • 24.02.2017 20:36:20 Kim Fay
    RT @HilaryDougherty: Hey @Rosie! We are having a constituent hosted and organized town hall tomorrow for @marcorubio. Can you RT? Love an…

  • 24.02.2017 20:35:05 Kim Fay
    RT @KamalaHarris: Private prisons are a rotten deal for taxpayers and it’s abhorrent we incentivize corporations to profit off the incarcer…

  • 24.02.2017 20:33:41 Kim Fay
    Love this!!

  • 24.02.2017 20:33:07 Kim Fay
    Thank you @CNN @CNNPolitics @cnnbrk

  • 24.02.2017 20:31:08 Kim Fay
    Unacceptable. Dangerous. Terrifying.

  • 22.02.2017 20:14:22 Kim Fay
    Bravo @EllenLWeintraub!!!

  • 21.02.2017 20:25:30 Kim Fay
    I love listening to this program on the radio. Sunday nights with a cup of tea and @onbeing <3

  • 21.02.2017 18:37:50 Kim Fay
    Just subscribed to the @onbeing newsletter. @GoodwinElizabet, do you follow this?

  • 21.02.2017 18:25:39 Kim Fay
    Such a beautiful essay at @onbeing It can be applied to so much more than parenting:

  • 21.02.2017 05:56:19 Kim Fay
    RT @KamalaHarris: We have already seen what it looks like when millions of Americans come together and demonstrate who we are. Keep it up.

  • 21.02.2017 05:56:13 Kim Fay
    RT @kylegriffin1: CIA officer resigns over Trump. "I cannot in good faith serve this administration as an intelligence professional." http…

  • 21.02.2017 05:55:59 Kim Fay
    RT @SenSanders: I have run for office many times but I haven't tried to suppress the voting rights of those who oppose me. That is what cow…

  • 20.02.2017 18:30:07 Kim Fay
    I know this land intimately ...

  • 20.02.2017 18:28:21 Kim Fay

  • 17.02.2017 18:22:54 Kim Fay
    "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." - @DalaiLama

  • 15.02.2017 17:05:19 Kim Fay
    RT @chefjoseandres: In support of our people & #ADayWithoutImmigrants Thurs 2/16 we will not open @jaleo DC CC MD, @zaytinya or @oyameldc #…


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